Plan B Media is a leading out of home media serviced provider with most diversified portfolio of media in Thailand as well as ASEAN region

who offers outstanding formats and various sizes of media located in strategic places, catching eyes of all target groups anywhere and anytime. Our media are visible when people are out of home and can serve different advertising campaigns of all formats. In addition, we continues to develop our engagement marketing business through collaborations with business partners to expand business opportunities using modern and diverse media innovation to maintain competitive advantage and enhance capabilities.


The world was reunited as one once again through the power of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In the past, the Olympics was viewed via TV but this year Plan B offered new experience for Thai people to be able to watch the Olympics through 4O communication strategy that enhanced how happiness can be delivered to Thai people. This was carried out via out-of-home media throughout the competition with Fast Ads techniques that show different content at different times. Furthermore, the content was supplemented by live events via online media while live experience was created through on ground activities since the beginning of the promotion of the sporting event.

With a new phenomenon of out-of-home media with 3D experience to create new experience for out-of-home media industry, the campaign “Battle of Fire” was launched, featuring a heated fight of the Dragon King and the powerful King Kong on the digital screen at Parc Paragon. This is considered one of the best programs that can showcase brands’ 3D initiatives.


Strengthened the Company’s position and built on out-of-home media business with the LED screen installation in 7-Eleven convenient stores as well as the introduction of Twintube+ service, twin vertical digital screens on Sathorn Road and ThePrime9 with gigantic signature screen located on Ekkamai-Ramindra road. These are strategic locations of Bangkok that attract attention and reach directly to target groups of passersby.

As an innovation leader, the Company developed Magnetic platform to enhance effectiveness in measuring advertising campaign success so that out-of-home media can be assessed systematically with in-depth information to better understand target groups in respective areas where media are placed. Users of Magnetic platform will be informed of basic information, gender, age, interest, reach, impression, frequency of viewing and duration target groups spend time near the media. These details help marketers analyze information to understand consumer behavior so that the communication can be more optimal and cost-effective where advertising budgets are invested economically and the campaigns can be measured more systematically.

Furthermore, the Company won the bidding to become the official and sole agent to manage rights of the Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King to seek sponsorship for football tournaments for national team and professional leagues as well as other related football activities from 2021-2028.

Besides, Plan B moved forward in sports marketing to collaborate with Raceup Work Co., Ltd., a sports and marathon event organizer to host sport tourism themed marathon along routes with beautiful sceneries in different provinces of Thailand . The event was organized according to IAAF standards using out-of-home media to promote activities and tourism of each province together with sponsorship to add value to sports marketing business.

For Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Plan B teamed up with Raceup Work to host “Countdown to the Olympics” and undertake PR activities through Plan B’s media to encourage Thai people to send moral support to Thai athletes through Flag of Nation, Virtual Run with accumulative distance of 1,000,000 kilometers as well as Flag Relay in 35 provinces across Thailand. Famous people in entertainment business and sport industry participated in the activities such as BNK48. This emphasized value creation for engagement marketing business of the Company.


Joined force with a business partner to enhance capabilities and uplift industry standard through collaboration with VGI PLC to provide integrated advertising media products and services. Solutions were introduced as packages to address various needs of customers leveraging on advertising media network, content from engagement marketing and information from online platform to run analysis to enhance marketing campaign effectiveness; for example, Bangkok Takeover package that combined digital media of Plan B and business partners covering areas, buildings, streets and mass transit systems, visible to consumers in multiple corners of Bangkok which raises awareness of broad audience groups.

In addition to partnership, Plan B premiered BangkokJam service as digital media with traffic condition reporting system at 50 locations on major streets across Bangkok that help elevate quality of living for urban population. Not only digital media but also intelligent traffic sign, accident reporting system and CCTV were provided to report traffic conditions and help mitigate traffic issues for Bangkokians, enhancing effectiveness of the media by mixing the features of both media together.

Introduction of “Lido Connect” media services that integrate digital and classic media together to unveil new look of Lido Cinema in the heart of Siam Square to be more colorful and appealing for tourists and passersby in the area.

Plus, Plan B debuted CGM48 which is a sister band of BNK48 with the focus on activities in the north of Thailand to cater to local fan clubs to be able to access and engage with their artists. This is considered an extension of BNK48 model to be more diversified and solid.

Moreover, Plan B was appointed as an official agent to manage rights for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that include 1. live broadcast right 2. sponsorship management right and 3. content management right. Plan B set targets to encourage Thai people to participate inclusively in this greatest sporting event of humankind. Thai people can share happiness in sending moral support together to Thai national athletes to win gold medals for the country.


Promoted a variety of advertising media and offered innovative solutions through continuous investment

Panoramix@CentralWorld presented advertising media through the largest digital screen in Asia placed in front of Central World with a light and sound show “The Color of Bangkok”. This helped promote Ratchaprasong intersection further as a landmark of Asia for tourism as well as create unique image for Bangkok especially for tourism purpose.

Expanded airport media through Air Traveller Supreme with 150 digital displays and mobile charging stations across Suvarnabhumi Airport. Grew engagement marketing business through a selection of high quality content that helps brands gain access to consumers with different interests and needs and build stronger engagement between consumers and brands.
Apart from sports marketing business Plan B began with football since 2015, Plan B diversified into music marketing business by acquiring BNK48, the most popular girl idol group in Thailand as well as esports business by organizing Toyota E-League Pro in collaboration with a global game developer like Konami. This introduce PES2019 to co-develop with sports marketing fan base of Plan B to create value to business for professional esports for the first time in Thailand.


Started sports marketing business with management rights granted by the Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King (“FAT”) and Thai League Co., Ltd. to generate commercial revenue from different channels so that FAT has the budget to develop and elevate Thai football standards according to its policy. This also helps promotes professional football league in Thailand and raise the standards to be able to compete professionally at an international level.

On top of this, Plan B took a part in supporting capability development for Thai national football teams at all levels from youth team to national team, both men and women to uplift quality to an international level.

Another significant development is the geographical expansion to Laos PDR and the Philippines that extended service coverage of Plan B to a total of 4 countries including Malaysia and Indonesia earlier. This has proven to be the optimal channels for large multinational companies with consumer base in multiple countries in Southeast Asia.


Commenced on providing advertising media services at point of sales for the first time through installation of digital displays in Big C Supercenters and further expanded to other areas including outside Show DC, CentralWorld and Central Rama 9. Plan B places importance on extending coverage of digital media network to effectively reach consumers.
In addition, Plan B TV Nationwide was launched as a digital screen network in upcountry across Thailand while people living in Bangkok were enjoying the initiative Plan B continued to offer through, a website that helps search for nearest air-conditioned buses so that bus riders can better manage their trips and time in a more efficient manner.


Took another big step to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 17 February 2015 and continued our growth path to expand out-of-home media non-stop in key areas of Bangkok as well as major provinces in Thailand.
Besides, Plan B partnered with Hello Bangkok LED Co., Ltd. to grow large-sized billboard portfolio and network of digital media to cover all journeys of consumers including airport media in Suvarnabhumi Airport and other airports in major provinces in Thailand.
Moreover, Plan B began our expansion into ASEAN region through an investment in Sanctuary Billboard Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.


Went at full speed in expanding out-of-home media network leveraging on digital displays located in key strategic areas in Bangkok and major provinces in Thailand and extended digital media network in MRT MRT Blue Line stations as well as conducted installation and system testing to provide internet services on air-conditioned buses.


Extended out-of-home media offering to be more diverse through classic media such as Metro Poster, Pole Wrap and Unipole and digital media on the major streets of Bangkok including classic media inside MRT stations.


Became one of the leaders in out-of-home media through aggressive media space expansion for both digital media in strategic locations of Bangkok and Serie Poster billboards to support the growth of communities and economic zones with high purchasing power in the future. Furthermore, full media services were also introduced in leading department stores.


Grew out-of-home media with more diverse formats including billboards on expressways, media in MRT and digital displays with outstanding design in CBD areas in leading department stores while Smart Bus Shelter project with traffic condition reporting monitors was initiated for public benefits of people living in Bangkok.


Extended business to outdoor media by converting public phone booths to street furniture advertising in form of classic media starting with media around public phone booths (Fonebooth) of 400 locations at the center of Bangkok.


Started out-of-home media business through providing media on air-conditioned buses with the concession from the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) covering advertising media inside and outside of 1,200 Euro II air-conditioned buses.

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