Extensive media coverage in all airports in the country, addressing needs of brands to better communicate with tourists, Thai and foreign alike, who travel through
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang Airport and other airports in major cities.


Gaining access to tourists before anyone through airport media in major airports across Thailand.

Air Traveller 2.0

Addressing brands’ requirements to reach tourists arriving to Thailand with the first media
all arriving passengers will notice at the immigration check point and the baggage carousel.

Air Traveller Series

Series of digital billboards creates a seamless connection between Suvarnabhumi Airport and the city, serving as a gateway to Thailand for travelers and visitors alike. Reaching a diverse audience from around the world.

Air Traveller Supreme

Media that connects brands with tourists and businessmen both local and foreign who use services of Suvarnabhumi Airport, the main airport of Thailand. Media are distributed across the airport with mobile charging stations that help promote visibility of the advertisement

Don Mueang Digital Network

Another option for brands to communicate with people using Don Mueang Airport, the main airport for domestic travel with the media that come with mobile charging stations that help promote visibility of advertisement, distributed across departure hall.

Thai Airways

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights! Captivate passengers during their journey with our advertising opportunities on Thai Airways' in-flight screens. As Thailand's national airline, Thai Airways operates over 60 world-class destinations, averaging 5,000 flights per month. Reach a captive audience in a premium environment and showcase your brand to travelers around the globe.


Deliver call-to-action messages to engage passengers nationwide.

Airport Digital Network

Meeting the needs of brands to convey messages with travelers at 22 airports across Thailand with the media installed throughout arrival and departure buildings, allowing brands to reach broader target groups.

Airport Static Media

Thailand's Largest Airport Static Media Network, Effectively Reaching Business and Leisure Travelers Across 22 Airports.

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