Media at the point-of-sale which are considered at the place and time of final purchasing decisions with the coverage inside and outside leading department stores
and hypermarkets across Thailand.


The final media to be seen before purchasing decision, catering to consumers in leading convenient stores and hypermarkets across the country.


Advertising media at point-of-sales in 7-Eleven convenient stores nationwide with visuals and audio which are considered to be the last media to induce consumers to make purchasing decisions.

7-eleven Plus

7-Eleven Plus is a media package designed to supercharge your marketing strategy. It's the perfect synergy between Metro LED, which reaches consumers on-the-go with eye-catching LED displays on major, high-traffic roadways, and the extensive reach of 7-Eleven's in-store digital network across 13,000 stores nationwide. Seamlessly grab consumers' attention and transition it into sales by reinforcing your message at the point of purchase.


Final media exposure at the moment of purchase with access to shoppers in leading department stores in Thailand.

Central Network

Tapping into shoppers via over 230 digital displays throughout leading department stores under Central Group across the country.

Paragon motion block

CEnhancing visibility and brand recognition with better access to shoppers from the first step 
into Siam Paragon and Siam Center as the media are installed from the entrance areas 
and throughout the malls

Siam Paragon in Mall

Media that influence buying decisions with installation spots across
Siam Paragon and Siam Center.

The District Em inmall

The District em Inmall puts your brand at the center of Bangkok's premier shopping destination, Emquartier. This iconic, 360° twisted pole screen delivers unmatched visibility to a high-spending audience.

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