Combat (GSV)

As an industry leader, GSV aims to revolutionize the Muay Thai industry and preserving the tradition and authenticity of Muay Thai while making it onto the global stage. GSV solely manages Rajadamnern Stadium, the world's first Muay Thai stadium. and hosts several top Muay Thai programs, including the fastest growing Muay Thai program in RWS: Rajadamnern World Series.


As a birthplace of Muay Thai, Rajadamnern Stadium provides an unparalleled space for brand activation. With its commitment to global standards and a one of a kind premium experience, GSV's activation space in Muay Thai transcends the boundaries of traditional sponsorship, allowing brands to craft compelling narratives and tell captivating storytellings through innovative 40s-strategy approach, offering a platform that can engage both local and international audiences at the most historic landmarks of the sports.

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