Differentiated through a selection of over 2,800 billboards across Thailand with various formats and sizes, located in high traffic and high population density areas, helping brands to choose media optimal for their various campaigns and budgets.

The Canvas Collection

Digital media and classic media offered in major provinces with high traffic volume and dense population of both Thai and foreign tourists.


All-inclusive communication with an integration of digital, classic and online media that enables brands to communicate with consumers simultaneously through multiple platforms.

Metro Poster

Advertising media distributed across Bangkok from footpaths to traffic islands, visible at eye level to motorists and passersby with scroller system that provides up to 3 artworks for brands to communicate.

Pole Wrap

Building brand awareness through street furniture advertising billboards on the expressway poles of inner Bangkok areas with different formats such as round poles or rectangular poles which allow more gimmicks for products with round or rectangular shapes.

Serie Poster

Advertising billboards around Ekkamai-Ramindra Road with high traffic volume throughout the day to target consumers with high purchasing power.

The Horizon Collection

Oversize billboard coverage of central business district and high density population communities including pavement, major roads and expressways with heavy traffic.

Billboard Nationwide

Access to highway commuters with over 850 large-size billboard across urban areas and major highways nationwide

Flyover 2.0

With the installation at the barriers on the expressways visible from the roads with high traffic and without distraction from other advertising billboards, Billboards come in different sizes and forms as well as choices of location, either Bangkok or upcountry in major and minor roads across the country – ensuring inclusive access of brands to broader group of consumers.

Gateway Billboard

Making advertisement outstand from others with billboards front of ticket booths of expressways where cars decelerate to pay for toll fees, allowing sufficient time for viewing and memorizing advertisement while traffic condition reporting signs further attract eyeballs,

Series Pole

Drawing attention and promoting brands through a series of billboards along the road near Tobacco Monopoly Hospital which connects 3 expressways which are Si Rat, Chalong Rat and Chalerm Mahanakhon with special techniques of 2D/3D to enhance the advertisement.

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