Associate I – General Ledger

Level: Officer

Career Type: Permanent

Department: Accounting & Finance

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Job purpose:

Responsible for overseeing and ensuring the accuracy of the entire accounting system, including handling various tax-related responsibilities.

Main responsibilities:

  1. Verify income, expenses, and accurately record accounting entries according to the system.
  2. Check the accuracy and completeness of accounting entries throughout the system.
  3. Impact the balances of all types of accounting entries on a monthly basis.
  4. Reconcile bank transactions and verify deposit balances.
  5. Prepare detailed supporting documents for the monthly financial statements.
  6. Prepare and verify the accuracy of tax reports such as P.P.30, P.P.36, P.N.D.1,2,3,53,54 before submitting them to the Revenue Department on a monthly basis.
  7. Prepare various reports as assigned.


  1. Has at least 3-5 years of experience in the field of accounting.
  2. Possesses knowledge in accounting standards and tax laws.
  3. Has excellent analytical skills.
  4. Demonstrates the ability to plan and control tasks according to the set plan.
  5. Shows agility in solving specific problems effectively.

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